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Website is the most vital parts of everyday businesses, and at 8CLICKS Web Development Agency, website design company Singapore, we give you the most promising Ecommerce Website & web design services at the most reasonable service price.

Together with 8CLICKS, the global exposure that you always wanted to enhance the current market reputation of your business can become a reality though our search engine and social media marketing.

Our main goal is to provide a service that turn your ideas and concepts into a platform to showcase your business. Get the best web development experience from us.


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Our team takes over everything, from an impression and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our web developments are mix with a unique creative soul and functional solutions. The Client is the soul and heart of any project. Our key goal is to illustrate your values and uniqueness and showcase your business through web design.

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Web Design Company

Web design development and marketing are an essential part of any businesses. Most often business does not see what website and marketing can do in enhancing their business exposure and values.

Today website is more than a piece of information presented on a screen. Website are an asset the showcase your services and products. When a prospect enters into a website, their eyes would be automatically drawn to the colours and flow of the web design in the site. It adds beauty, a sense of style and value to your business.

Web design are the basics of every business in Singapore. To stand out and up above your competitors, marketing comes in to take up the role.

Web design and marketing are resources that let potential customer to understand your values, especially in a data overflowing country like Singapore. It helps customers to quickly contact you and block out unnecessary information. Marketing can help you with exposure to the market, letting prospects to easily search and link to you in the vast internet websites.

Unsure of how to start out? 8CLICKS is here to assist you.


Ever since 8CLICKS was founded, the web design company has been crafting premium web designs for both customers and partners in Singapore. No business is completed without the perfect web design development and marketing strategy.

8CLICKS believes that business should have a good and proper website and each web development should have its own beauty and web design development style.


We have an understanding of what the market in Singapore is searching for when it comes to your business. We offer a range of marketing strategy in Singapore such as SEO, SEM and Facebook marketing services.

For companies that embrace their own operation workflow, 8CLICKS offers customized solutions to provide you the full control of your daily operation system.

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