How To – Adding your webmail to outlook

Here is a quick guide on adding your webmail to your outlook!

Get your webmail settings

We have went through the step of getting your webmail settings before. You can get the instructions here before moving on to the next step to set up your mailbox in outlook.


Getting started

Open up the outlook app and enter your email address

Make sure the checkbox is ticked (Let me set up my account manually)

Select IMAP or POP

A quick summarized on what is IMAP or POP

IMAP: whatever you do to the emails this email client, it will update to the server mail. Meaning if an email is deleted in the client, the mail in the server will also be deleted

POP: whatever you do to the emails in this email client, it will only affect the emails in this email client. The email is the email server is left untouch.

Setting up

Enter your email configuration

Steps to get your email configuration can be found in this blog.

Enter your password and proceed


Once you have set up successfully, you should be able to see the screen below indicating you have added you email in Outlook successfully


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