How to – Back up website with cPanel

How to – Back up website with cPanel

Backup your website from server is a very easy job, just a few clicks and you are protected!

Accessing your cPanel

Login to your cPanel account

Link: yourdomain/cpanel

replace “yourdomain” with your own domain, for example –

website development cpanel login

Backup website using the backup function step 1

Depending on your cPanel theme settings, you may get a different layout. But not to worry! Just look for this button “Backup”

Start back up your website

Backup website for your files and folders step 2

Click on “Home Directory” under “Download a Home Directory Backup” to download all your files and scripts and folders! Depending on your usage space, it may take sometime to download the whole thing.


Backup your databases step 3

Click on the database name under “Download a MySQL Database Backup” to download the specific database.


Backups keep it safe step 4

With the files in your computer, save it at a safe place. Will advise to backup your files and database at least once per month. For a fee, you can backup to Dropbox, Google drive or even Microsoft OneDrive.

Need help?

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