Why you should redesign your website for 2019

Why you should redesign your website for 2019

Websites Design is no more a static page with information. If your website is not able to present your business efficiently, you should read this article.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsiveness is where the website will scale according to your device screen. Gone are the days where website need to be drag left and right to view the full page. According to Google since Jan 2017, web pages that are not mobile optimized will be penalized in Google search engine ranking or SEO. Check your website mobile responsiveness here

Websites that are mobile responsive also put your business in a more professional and trust worthy image.

HTTPS or SSL Support

All website needs SSL certificate to protect information from leaking out. Period. How HTTPS helps? Imagine a hacker is tapping information between your clients’ computer and the server. All information regarding the customer sent to you via the contact form will be in plain text for hackers to mine. With HTTPS in place, all information tapped by the hacker will be encrypted and all he sees is some random text which make no sense at all. Decryption will be done at the server end so you can have the correct and accurate information from your clients.

Live Chat and contact form

Contact forms are great but what if it fails? Let not make contact form the only way your customer can reach you. Include your company contact number, emails address or even a live chat where customers can just key in what they wish to inquire when the chat pops up. Make your website easy for your potential prospect to contact you.

Refreshed new look

An average, website will need to be re-designed every 2-3 years to keep contents new and refreshing. Imagine having a content of 2016 comparing with today context, all information is out dated and irrelevant.

For the copyright footer, it’s always better to update to the current year than 2016 to show that your business is active. This will make your potential customers to trust the business is active.

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