WordPress 5.6 Update

WordPress 5.6 Update

WordPress 5.6 Update “Simone” was released to the public on December 8, 2020.


Greater layout flexibility:

Bring your stories to life with more tools that let you edit your layout with or without code. Single column blocks, designs using mixed widths and columns, full-width headers, and gradients in your cover block—make small changes or big statements with equal ease!

More block patterns:

In some themes, preconfigured block patterns make setting up standard pages on your site a breeze. Find the power of patterns to streamline your workflow, or share some of that power with your clients and save yourself a few clicks.

Better video captioning:

To help you add subtitles or captions to your videos, you can now upload them within your post or page. This makes it easier than ever to make your videos accessible for anyone who needs or prefers to use subtitles.



  • Expanding auto-updates
  • Accessibility Statement
  • Built-in Patterns

Proceed to download here:

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